Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Adoption Process: Paperwork Nightmare

It was suggested to us to create a blog in order to keep everyone updated on our adoption process. Since we are illiterate when it comes to "blogging" it took some persuasion.....but, we're giving it a shot. Please bear w/us since we really don't know what we are doing.

Many of you know that Roland and I are adopting a child from the Philippines. How did we come to that decision???? Well, after having Tino (how blessed we were!) we knew we wanted Tino to have a brother or sister. After discussions with the doctor we decided it was not in our best interest to get pregnant again due to my problems w/high blood pressure the first time around - and my age! So, we jumped on the "international adoption" band wagon and started that process in the spring of 2006.

After many many forms, fingerprintings, medical exams, psychological exams (believe it or not we ARE sane) employment verifications, tax record verifications, and so on and so on....... we submitted our INITIAL application. Yes, I said "initial". Once that was approved, we were assigned a social worker to perform a "Home Study". The Social Worker came to our home 3 times to "see" the house, visit with us as a family, and also talk w/each of us separately (not Tino of course). We were then recommended to the InterCountry Adoption Board (ICAB) in Manila, Philippines. This home study, along with MORE fingerprints and MORE of everything was sent to ICAB last April (2007) and we were officially put on the "Roster of Approved Families on May 17, 2007. We are appoved for a 0-2 yr. old (will most likely be much closer to 2 yrs.) and male or female. The Philippines has 90% more boys than girls for adoption. We could not specify boy or girl.

The average wait time for a "match" is 15-18 months. We also know that since Roland was born in the Philippines and his immediate family is here and very involoved with Tino, we may not have that long of a wait. We are keeping our fingers crossed that the wait time may be closer to 12-14 months. No one knows for sure.

More to come.......