Monday, June 30, 2008

Getting Closer !

We received a call from our contact at Holt International last week, she was responding to my questions I sent her via email. Evidently our file is 2nd from the top of the pile. The good, and bad, thing is that they don't necessarily go in order when placing a child. The caretakers from the orphanages try to match each child with the family they see to be the best fit for that particular child. I feel a match coming soon !!!!!!!!! We'll let EVERYONE know as soon as we get our "referral".
Once we get the referral we'll have about 3-5 months of paperwork and "waiting" once again....this time from our lovely government agency (Citizenship & Immigration) to approve our paperwork, fingerprints, etc., AGAIN and allow us to bring the child into this country as a resident, no longer an "orphan" as they are categorized until our paperwork is complete.
My goal, still, is to get to the Philippines and back w/child before Christmas. Still got my fingers crossed !!!