Friday, September 26, 2008

Legal Documents and more pics of Reni

After 5 weeks (it was supposed to be only 3-4) we finally received Renz's legal documents from the Inter-Country Adoption Board in Manila; a Birth Certificate and his birth mothers' Deed of Voluntary Commitment (placing him in the care of the orphanage). We can now file our paperwork with the U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Office. We're still looking at a possible 6-8 weeks for them to "approve" our petition and then another 6-8 weeks for them to notify the US Embassy in Manila and a bit longer for Renz's medical evaluation....then we should have a Visa for him. Is this Christmas still being a bit naive?? I think it can be done. We received more pictures of him too. The caretakers say he likes to watch Dora and Mickey Mouse on TV. Tino loves Mickey Mouse!!!!! (Not so much Dora) He can fall asleep easily regardless of where he is. Soooooo unlike Tino!!!